Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
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Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.

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Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

Relationships are complex, life is busy and problems / issues build over time.
Are you happy and connected to others?


1. Are your relationships with your partner, children, stepchildren, parents and in laws healthy?

2. Are you concerned about ~ intimacy, sex, online cheating, affairs, betrayal, pornography misuse, communication, addiction, parenting/step parenting and/or over working?

3. Are your children thriving? Does he or she struggle with healthy friendships, difficulties at school, anger issues, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, and/or is there compulsive behaviours “on glass” with gaming, social media, porn, and/or texting pictures that are problematic?

4. Do you feel angry, unheard, confused, embarrassed, anxious, isolated, shameful, insecure, lied to, depressed or like you and/or your partner are leading a double life?

✓ Julie specializes in the above issues and feelings and we offer individual, couple/marriage and family counselling.

✓ The clients who work with Julie are high functioning men, women, youth and children who aspire to be happier and healthier.

✓Folks hear about and seek out Julie primarily through referrals from friends, family, clergy and/or doctors. Many travel to work with her from communities all around B.C. and Alberta because she is one of the few fully Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSATs) in the Okanagan Valley.

“You can gain personal strength, renewed trust, happiness, connectedness and
romance within your relationships! ~~ We see this consistently.”

You are the expert on yourself and your relationships ~ Julie has evidence-based tools, techniques and solutions. Together, we create individualized solution focused plans that have you in control/driving as Julie navigates.” You get the results you want and need!

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

A CBC Daybreak South radio interview with Chris Walker ~ What is causing our sex lives to suffer? What can we do about these issues.

Click here to listen


Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
You Can

Take Action

Make Changes

Gain Control

Feel Peace

Feel Integrity

Live Happy

Celebrate Health

Be Who You Want to BE

We Can Help!

You are the expert on you…

Julie is here for you!

Together we can get you back on the road you want and deserve to be on.

You decide your destiny ~ where you want to go. Together, we will figure out what needs to change and create a solution focused plan.

You are in control/ driving with Julie navigating

You will get to your chosen destination happier and healthier than you have been in years.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

Consequences can be prevented. Addiction can be successfully treated.


Email or call Erin now ~ to get more information or to book