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1. What is sex addiction?
Sex addiction is a disease of the brain characterized by patterns of sexual behaviour/choices that leads to negative consequences to self or others. This behaviour escalates in frequency and severity and becomes more problematic over time.

2. How common is sex addiction and who struggles with sex addiction?
This affliction does not discriminate. Approximately 3-6% of the North American population struggle with this issue including ~ men and women from any background or profession. Highly educated and trained professionals who work in the medical, dental, education, legal, construction, technologies, trades accounting, and church communities are commonly affected.

Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Struggling to maintain secrecy, the experience of overwhelming shame, and disbelief are common
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Shock at what is viewed and disbelief at how it got ‘this serious and out of
control so fast’ are common

3. How would I know if I, or someone I love has a sex addiction?
If you or your partner’s sexual behavior/choices (use of porn, masturbation, affairs) interferes with your day to day life; in the form of conflict between the two of you (trust, intimacy or openness), issues at work (time missed, lack of focus or interest), and /or preoccupation for sex activities and/or total aversion to sex, there may be a problem that needs assessment/treatment.

4. What is Cybersex (dare I ask)?
Cybersex is sexual activity or arousal via computer ~ such as viewing porn, engaging in online sex behaviours and/or sexualized chat. Dr. Al Cooper has described cybersex as the “crack cocaine” of sexual compulsivity. Cybersex escalates in frequency and intensity rapidly. Approximately, 70% of people who struggle with sex addiction report problematic online behavior. Enormous levels of shame; denial, secrecy and suicidal thoughts are very common.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
5. What can I do if I suspect that my partner has a sex addiction?

First, take a breath, you are not alone ~ follow your heart and gut; you are the expert on you.

Second, take the free online assessment tool offered at:

Third, when you are ready, call Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C, to arrange a confidential consultation. We understand this brain disease and the compulsive behaviours that characterize addiction as well as the fear, shame, confusion, and frustrations that both of you may experience. OLRC can help ~ (250)309-7055.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Honesty and intimacy can revive relationships ~ OLRC can help
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Porn frequently has long lasting
negative consequences

6. Masturbation, is it normal and healthy…. at what point is it unhealthy?
Masturbation is normal and can be healthy however; like anything, too much is unhealthy. If masturbation becomes compulsive, if you cannot control the amount of time spent, or intensity, and/or if it is the main way you cope with stress, soothe or stimulate yourself ~ there may be a problem.

7. A little pornography is normal and it can’t hurt… right?
Wrong. Real time invested within a virtual / fantasy environment often leads to withdrawal from genuine relationships, activities and life in general. The spectator can become dependent on images he/she would have never even imagined, and intimate relationships within the tangible world can be severely impaired. Fantasy based or object orientated sex can delay development and keep you from your full potential.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
8. What is codependency and how is codependency linked to addictions?
Codependency has been associated with ‘loving too much’, ‘need for control’ and ‘poor boundaries’ and often people with addiction issues and those who love people who have addiction issues have problems of codependency as well. Codependency needs to be identified and addressed if addictions exist. Please review the CODA link on the Resources page.

9. Professional Treatment Options ~
What are the options? Professional CSAT consultation, assessment and treatment in this order are recommended. Certified Sex Addiction Therapists CSATs have the specialized evidence based training; solution focused tools and certification as well as ongoing access to professional/ educational opportunities to stay current.

Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Frustration, shame, loneliness, secrecy, grief and sadness are common

Treatment can be ‘out patient’ where you would meet regularly with a CSAT for treatment and continue with your day-to-day activities while residing at home. Occasionally ‘inpatient’ where you would go to a residential treatment facility and get treatment away from your home environment is indicated.

10. What does treatment cost?
Treatment costs vary throughout the world. Within the Okanagan ~ Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan BC has Julie Walkinshaw who is the only person with CSAT training and the rates are $150.00/hour or $260.00 /2 hour session. Costs associated with groups vary. Within the Okanagan ~ Julie is the only Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and she is the owner of OKANAGAN Love Relationships COUNSELLING.

Rates vary for groups. Individual rates are $150/hour and $260/two hour intensive sessions which are recommended, to get recovery going quickly so you feel better sooner and conflicts are alleviated.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.
11. How long typically does treatment last?
Treatment duration varies as well. As addictions are patterned behaviours it takes time to change these behaviours. Frequency of treatment sessions is usually once per week to start and when the individualized treatment plan has been created and is in action, session frequency decreases. There is a direct relationship between commitment to action plan/effort applied between sessions and progress over time. Recovery is a lifelong process and professional treatment is a part of this typically for the first 2-5 years.

What about confidentiality and my privacy? Confidentiality, professionalism and discreetness are foundational priorities at OLRC. Details about confidentiality are explained within the consultation session.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Trust, intimacy and passionate love can be restored ~ it takes time and commitment
12. Why would I choose OLRC?
Qualifications, experience, professionalism, reputation, evidence/research based practice and solution focused treatment are the main reasons. Convenient, discrete and confidential, on time day, evening, and weekend appointments are also advantageous for busy working professionals who want to schedule times that compliment work and/or family life priorities.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Inability to stop despite repeated
serious attempts and fear of being caught are common
13. Can I get any reimbursement for services paid to OKANAGAN Love Relationships COUNSELLING through my extended health insurance / Employee Assistance Plan (E.A.P.)?
Yes, if your plan offers coverage for services offered by a Registered Social Worker (R.S.W) or a Registered Professional Counsellor (R.P.C) Julie is both and there would be some reimbursement. Julie's registration numbers are printed on the official receipts that are provided.
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.