Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Family Counselling and Mediation:
Families are dynamic because they are comprised of many individuals who constantly change over time. Busy lives, differing priorities / responsibilities and social and technological influences challenge us all more now than any other time in history. We need to better understand and identify our goals and boundaries or we find ourselves being pulled in different directions that are tearing apart our families. These external stimuli (gaming, email, facebook, instagram, porn, pinterest) can be overwhelmingly disconnecting as we sit together but are often distracted or focused on glass instead of people beside us. Julie has solutions for these new problematic issues that families are faced with.
Could my child/youth/teen benefit from counselling with OLRC? Below are common concerns and issues that we can assist with so that challenges do not deepen over time.
  • Is anyone spending too much time on his or her phone, tablet, gaming device or computer?
  • Is anyone accessing pornography or potentially harmful influences online?
  • Is anyone struggling socially at school or having difficulty developing and maintaining healthy relationships?
  • Could anyone benefit from assertiveness training?
  • Could anyone benefit from improving his or her communication skills?
  • Does anyone have issues with boundaries?
  • Is anyone struggling with anxiety that could manifest in problems such as getting to sleep and staying asleep, stomach issues, racing thoughts, ringing in ears, nervousness and isolating selves from others?
  • Is anyone questioning their gender or sexual orientation?
  • Is anyone struggling with low self-esteem?
  • Is anyone over or under eating and/or experiencing body issues?
  • Is anyone struggling with being able to focus and stay on task?
  • Is anyone struggling with depression, low mood or low motivation?
  • Is there any concern with any use/misue of drug/steroids, alcohol, marijuana, dieting supplements or sleep aids?
  • Is anyone struggling with aggressive or defiant behaviours towards siblings, animals, other children, youth or adults?
  • Is anyone struggling with issues at school such as academic difficulties or bullying?
Children and Youth:
Julie is awesome with teens and young adults! Together, Julie and the child/youth work to increase confidence, communication, trust, family cooperation and build a stronger sense of self.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Julie is passionate about working with young people in the transitional years of teenage-hood. It’s a very important time as these young people decide who they are and create their identities and solidify what they stand for. There is often a lot of internal confusion, family conflict and frustration during these years that needs to be worked through. Julie helps create shared expectations which will enhance connectivity between parents and teens and help restore balance in the home which results in everyone being happier and healthier.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

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