Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
  Marriage/Couple/Relationship Counselling:

How do you know if you need couple counseling or if you should just "wait it out" or "give up"? Help may be needed if..

  ♥ You two are stuck on the same issues without relief/resolution
♥ Either of you have had an affair (sexual or emotional) ~ in person or online
♥ Either of you are wanting out of relationship
♥ Lack of intimacy or disconnectedness has been going on for too long and the "Status Quo" is just not manageable
♥ If your sex life is suffering
♥ If conflict and fights are escalating
♥ If either of you are walking on egg shells and unable to express yourselves honestly
♥ If hurt, angry, frustrated and / or lonely feelings have become the norm
♥ If you know you love each other and you want to keep your family together but have not been able to reconnect without counselling. 
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.

Renewed ~ Trust, Friendship, Intimacy and Positive Sexual Passion are all possible for you!
Individual Counselling:
Is a one to one process where the client and the therapist work together to identify issues, ignite resilience and create an action plan for sustainable change. Together we create solution focused change that results in a happier, healthier and more confident new you!
Couples Counselling:
Julie works with couples to improve LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and increase HEALTH and HAPPINESS. Julie takes the pressure off you. Often areas of focus include increasing communication; understanding self and other more fully, processing lingering resentments, assertiveness, boundaries, stress management techniques, rebuilding trust, expanding intimacy, and increasing sensual and sexual passion.
Family Treatment:
Families are dynamic because they are comprised of many individuals who constantly change over time. Busy lives, differing priorities / responsibilities and social and technological influences challenge us all more now than any other time in history. We need to better understand and identify our goals and boundaries or we find ourselves being pulled in different directions that are tearing apart our families. These external stimuli (gaming, email, facebook, instagram, porn, pinterest) can be overwhelmingly disconnecting as we sit together but are often distracted or focused on glass instead of people beside us. Julie has solutions for these new problematic issues that families are faced with.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

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