Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.
Group Treatment:
Groups vary in size and purpose and group work provides participants with support and accountability. Confidentiality is a prerequisite and participants are chosen for groups based on readiness and suitability. Group work includes education, discussions and sharing that will work to illuminate and break denial and distorted thinking. Most clients adamantly resist group work however; it has been said many times, and in many ways, that group work is an effective way to gain freedom from secrecy and shame.
We are constantly re-vamping our groups.  If you are interested in group therapy, please contact us at (250) 309 ~ 7055 or add your name to our email list so we can let you know as opportunities for group therapy come available.  

Our groups typically run in the Fall and Spring annually, however if you have a particular topic or time frame, we’d love to hear about it!  We encourage you to contact us if you have an idea for a group as we do run custom groups that are individualized for you.

We offer many different types of groups, including groups for couples, adults, children/youth, teens, singles re-entering dating, people in the process of separating and issues focusing on compulsive or addictive behaviours.

Speaking Engagements/Education:
Arrangements can be made for Julie to provide informal talks as well as more formalized presentations to groups about various relationship and addiction issues. ~ Julie specializes in couple counseling, intimacy issues as well as sex and Internet addictions. Call for more details.
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

Consequences can be prevented. Addiction can be successfully treated.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

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