Love Relationships Counselling Okanagan B.C.

We work with individuals, couples, and families to improve LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and increase HEALTH and HAPPINESS. We specialize in work to improve communication, repair and enhance intimacy, rebuild trust, and guide individuals and couples toward healthier and happier living.

Life is busy, relationships are complex, and bad habits develop over time. We use evidence-based tools and techniques with our clients to collaboratively create solution-focused action plans.

Day, Evening, and Saturday appointments available.

Appointments are “On Time~Every Time”.

Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

Sharon Storms

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Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.

Julie Walkinshaw

Julie Walkinshaw

Julie is well-known, and a highly regarded Masters Level Social Worker and the only fully Certified Sex Addiction Therapist in the Okanagan Valley who has worked with couples and families for over a decade. Many clients travel from afar to work with Julie and she offers online counselling via VSee (which is like Skype and still free).  Medical professionals use VSee for consults online when ‘in person’ sessions are not possible. 

The adults Julie works with are high functioning, intelligent, insightful, busy people who are hard working and who have most of life’s challenges covered. These folks are simply looking to enhance and improve their love relationships with their partner or with adult children, coworkers etc. to avoid crisis.  

Julie also works with couples in crisis who are high functioning, busy, caring folks who need to work through issues of betrayal, loss of intimate connection, and overall lack of connection with themselves and/or each other. Situations such as these build over time (especially when we too often put others needs before our own) and need to be addressed so that healing and healthy reconnection can grow.

Julie utilizes two-hour concentrated sessions to activate change so that you feel better and become healthier as soon as possible.  Julie creates individualized action plans with each client.  Julie sees the client as the expert on him/herself and they specialize in relationship health, addiction assessment, treatment and recovery.

Hundreds of families have benefitted from the evidence-based tools, techniques, perspectives and support that Julie provides and so can you!

Julie is passionate about working with adults and children who want to:


↓ Anxiety
↓ Addiction Issues/Bad Habits
↓ Confusion
↓ Overwhelmed Feelings
↓ Family Conflict
↓ Frustration
↓ Stress
↓ Fear

↑ Communication
↑ Trust
↑ Intimacy and Sexual Connection (Adults)
↑ Family Cooperation re: Rules, Roles & Responsibilities
↑ Confidence
↑ Self Esteem
↑ Assertiveness (not aggressiveness)
↑ Anger Management
Love Relationships Councelling Okanagan B.C.



“Can I take care of that for you?” Is what you will most often hear from Erin.  As the Administrative Assistant to Julie, I typically am the first point of contact for our clients.

I respond to enquiries and assist in the booking of appointments.  It will be my voice that you will first hear when you call to inquire about what we offer and/or to schedule an appointment.

“The most important thing is what will work best for you.”  You are the expert on you and your family and I know Julie’s approaches ~ together we can explore options that meet your needs and suit your schedules.  Life is busy and I’m here to make it easier.

My commitment is to make every interaction with you welcoming, informative and comfortable. 

Your privacy and connecting you with the right therapist is my primary purpose.